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World-leading classroom management software

AB Tutor is the perfect teaching tool for networked classrooms and labs, allowing you to simply and effectively control, manage, monitor, demonstrate, support and collaborate with your students.

Computers in the classroom have created amazing opportunities for learning, but they can also create distractions as well. The Web, Facebook, email and games just to name a few are a constant temptation for even the most focused students.

With AB Tutor, you can remove these distractions while still giving teachers full access and benefit that the power of technology brings to educating today's students.

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What our customers say

I have been using the AB Tutor control in our main computer lab and just given the first staff in-service. All 50 staff who use the lab were blown away with the program, especially those teachers who teach the younger grades.

Simon Small
Edge Hill State School

AB Tutor is a product with great functionality that does exactly what you want it to do. Easy to use, it has become an invaluable tool for use within our school. The ability to switch on and log on, all the PC's in a suite and connect them to an application or website prior to the lesson means the whole lesson can be spent learning, this has been a real hit with the teaching staff.

Craig Williams
Sandy Lane Primary School

Over the years I've brought up the subject of software to monitor computer use and to use as an aid to instruction in our district computer labs. Having taught computer classes for a number of years I was well aware of the need for such software. The answer I got back from the powers that be was that it cost too much to implement. When I found out about the pricing structure for AB Tutor I almost thought it was too good to be true. Having been 'playing' with the software for the past couple of days it looks like I've found the best of both worlds - reasonable pricing and excellent performance. Thanks - after so many years of looking the search is over.

Stephen Lehrer
Bristol-Warren (RI) Regional School District

I have installed this in our new ICT suite on 1 Master PC and 30 PCs for the pupils. It's one of the best bits of software I've seen as it installs easily, finds the clients and does exactly what it says. The benefits of being able to turn the PCs on and off from one master station are great, as are the other features. I had a problem with the Windows 7 login but thanks to your website I have the instructions for changing the login process.

Bob Ferris
Pyrford CofE Primary School

As a school we have used AB Tutor for several years. With two sites and many buildings the software is primarily used by the IT Department to provide remote desktop support to users and for the inbuilt desktop monitoring facility to take screenshots when words from a banned list are used. The remote access can save time as in certain cases it can remove the need for the IT support to visit the computers. Children’s safety is of paramount importance and having the ability to see a screenshot of the banned word in use allows the word to be seen in context. This clearly identifies if the use of the word is cause for concern, or follow up. There is lots of additional functionality within the system which we look forward to making use of in the future. Hazelwood School An independent day school and nursery for children up to the the age of 13

Suzie Pittman, IT Manager,
Hazelwood School

I've been using this great program since October '04 and I haven't used a projector since! I use it daily to teach a lesson from my computer, monitor students' progress, and shut down the lab at the end of the day. I've used other programs like AB Tutor and they don't compare in functionality, ease of use, and price. I appreciate the design purpose of AB Tutor for practical classroom usage and not for the purpose of making money. Thanks.

Bill J. Keylon
Lake City High School

I have been using AB Tutor since rev. 1.5 and use it everyday in my classes. I teach AutoCad at the high school level. And with 30 computers to control it is a great help in getting and holding student attention. I especially enjoy the "lock message" function. It allows all students to see the day's assignment on their own monitors. In this way, they do not have to crane their necks to see an assignment on one single board in the front of the room. Also, I use AB Tutor to demonstrate basic CAD drawing functions and other notes that students copy and use in this course. This is a very useful program and has become an indispensable part of my teaching practice.

Gary R. Sasso
Santa Ana High School

Keep up the great work, I don't know how we ever did without this software. It really is a credit to you. We haven't found anything else close to the speed and functionality of this software.

Rob Ruberry
Banksia Beach State School

Thank you so much for your assistance. I have had a short 'play' with the new version of AB Tutor and I am very impressed so far. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into developing this product, I can assure you that is very much appreciated. I have told many of my colleagues about the program and recommend it above all the competition, particularly the heavyweights like NetSupport.

Graham Salmon
The Hawthorns School

We would like to thank AB Tutor for such a great quality product. We have installed AB Tutor on to our school network and it has certainly made classroom management easier than ever. We are in awe of the features you have packed into AB Tutor. We tried other classroom management solutions but none were nearly as good. We are really pleased we made the decision to purchase AB Tutor. It has been worth every penny.

James Goodison
Bradfield School

I love the versatility of this software. My students are able to keep up with me so much better when I can demonstrate on their own monitors. It's also allowed us to have eyes in our resource computer lab where students are often unsupervised. My administration loves the way your licensing plan works; they had never approved any other lab management software due to the cost, and now, I'm glad they didn't or I wouldn't have come across AB Tutor.

Sherill Maddox
Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts