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AB Tutor at Bett 2019

picture of pyramid style entrance to excel london where bett show is hosted

In January 2019 AB Tutor attended it’s 10th Bett show! This year we saw the first show where we were fully able to demo our latest classroom management software, AB Tutor V9! The day started well, we packed our essentials (coffee included) and headed onto the much loved M25! From here we entered, what can only be described as pre-exhibition entropy, alas, we found our stand and started setting up!

The next day the show started and we were all rearing to go! – The first thing you notice is how huge the exhibition is, all of the stands looked fantastic, including ours of course. With hundreds of businesses attending every year you’re never far from discovering something new, even as exhibitors we couldn’t help but get involved. Once the site seeing concluded we welcomed many of our current customers and new customers to our stand!

AB Tutor, for those who are not familiar, is a classroom management software which gives teachers reassurance of a productive lesson. What does this mean exactly? Well, if we imagine an IT classroom of 30, there are numerous tasks which the teacher has to meet in order to secure a productive lesson. This could be a number of things, one of which is to ensure the students aren’t distracted by the temptations of the internet. AB Tutor gives teachers the ability to take remote control of the students computer to shutdown anything which is not conducive to the students success in the class. This includes things such as social media and games. So, are teachers constantly monitoring the students? Not exactly, AB Tutor is used as a resource at first instance which means the teacher is only prompted to take control when an alert has been sent. Pretty cool right!

At Bett we were able to inform not only teachers but IT teams who came to our stand to find out more. It’s true that using AB Tutor as a teacher tool is one of the main uses, however, it is also very popular amongst IT Teams. Again, let’s take ourselves to a world of imagination. You’re responsible for making sure all of the computers in the school require a scheduled shutdown at the end of the day, there’s over 500 in the school, do you shut them down manually? Of course not, that would take time. Instead you would opt for software which has a powerful scheduling system which not only allows you to shutdown computers at once, but to group scheduled shutdowns for computers in a particular departments, such as AB Tutor!

We think it’s pretty awesome and so did those who came to visit us at the show! If you want to know more about our software click here! alternatively you can get a free 30 day trial. We will be at Bett in 2020! So be sure to come by.

We look forward to seeing you ­čÖé