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Why Classroom Management Software is not Just for Monitoring

classroom with students, camera is focused on 1 student and a teacher, teacher is pointing to a computer screen as if to show a student how to do something

When thinking of classroom management software, it’s easy to come to think of it as another tool to see what students are doing on their computer. Some might even go to the extremes to think it’s a constant monitoring program. The simple truth is that classroom management software, when implemented correctly, is less about monitoring and more about classroom productivity and safeguarding.

AB Tutor, one of the UKs leading classroom management software, has a plethora of features which teachers can use. Here’s a list of 5 features and what their impacts are.

5. Print Blocking

One of the biggest expenses for schools is their printing, while many colleges and universities use fobs for printing, primary and secondary schools will allow printing with a simple connection. It’s true that for the most part students will generally print legitimately, in some cases, however, printing is taken advantage of and it can be hard to monitor what’s being sent to the printer. It’s for this reason AB Tutor has implemented print blocking to allow for non-print lessons to take place with assurance. Keeping schools costs down and their minds reassured!

4. Block USB drives and CDs

It’s not just the temptations of the internet that can distract students from their lessons. In many cases students will bring material from their home computers by transferring data to these mediums. In many lessons this is encouraged to allow for home working. However, in some cases there are many safeguarding implications. A lot of households will not have internet restrictions at home so, where some students will own their own laptop or computer, parents and guardians are unaware of what material students could potentially bring into school. AB Tutor includes such a feature to keep students safe from potentially harmful material should their peers decide to bring these in.

3. Keyword Alerts

There are many cases where educational institutions will actively discourage staff from having visual access to the computers in a classroom. Instead, keyword alerts are solely implemented to the schools computer systems. This allows for safeguarding procedures to be adhered to whereby a teacher or administrator is notified any time a word or phrase of concern is put into a students computer.

2. Demoing

A lot of teachers are now taking a step back when it comes to complete teacher control in the classroom. Students are being encouraged to lead IT lessons to showcase their projects to the classroom. Be gone are the days where students would have to come up to the teachers computer, plug in a USB and show their work. Instead, it becomes much more convenient for students to be able to use AB Tutor to broadcast what’s on their screen to the rest of class. This allows for a faster more sophisticated way of conducting team project work.

1. Scheduled Shut down

With many schools investing more and more on their IT infrastructure, it can become quite the challenge to make sure computers across the whole building are running at optimum power efficiency. In times before it has been an expectation of a student or teacher to shutdown computers at the end of the day. This can be difficult to monitor, leaving many computers still running throughout the night. This has major environmental and financial implications, which is why AB Tutor features a powerful scheduler which allows school administrators to set a time to shut down all of the computers at the end of the day. In addition to this, to allow for variables, groups can be set to the system so that certain computers are shutdown before or after other computers, allowing for after school work or system updates.

So, there’s 5 features that AB Tutor has that allows schools to work at optimum efficiency, safeguard students and promote productivity where no monitoring is required! If you want to find out more about our software click here. You can also request a demo from us where you will have full access to our software for 30 days!