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Fairlop Primary School adopts AB Tutor

Fairlop Primary moved from a similar software product to AB Tutor because of issues they were experiencing. They have stayed with AB Tutor because it assists with E-Safety and saves money on power management.

Set up:

1 licence; 1 computer suite for 30 students and 10 members of staff actively use the set up.


"At the moment, we only use 1 licence in our ICT suite predominantly in my lessons which cover PPA time. The ability to demonstrate directly to the student, enabling them to focus on where your mouse/cursor is moving to and follow a process is invaluable, as is the ability to lock the screens to command their attention when necessary. I would estimate that approximately 10 staff use AB Tutor in this way at the moment, but recently the Early Years teachers have mastered logging on a whole classroom for Reception children."


"We find it an extremely useful product which we have consistently used since we first purchased it - not something I can say with confidence about all our software! It assists with demonstrations, administration and student-focus and as you know, we are now looking into whether we can use it with our KS2 laptops. I feel it helps to raise teachers' confidence levels, assists with E-Safety incidents and saves money due to the power management option. I wouldn't be without it!"

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Stephen Lehrer, Bristol-Warren Regional School District - read more