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Standardisation Pays Dividends for Stroud High School

Using one classroom management software across the school has enabled Stroud High School to gain maximum benefit from its ICT investment. The school has six ICT suites and ICT is used extensively across the curriculum to benefit both teaching efficiency and student understanding and skills.

Mixed software caused problems...

Having been using a mixture of classroom management software options, we were experiencing problems trying to standardise the software across the school. The higher licensing costs and lack of flexibility in licensing models meant it had been uneconomical to attempt so previously. This resulted in many teachers not making use of the software or being unfamiliar with how to use it.

Non ICT teachers required a system that gave them more control in the less familiar ICT environment.

After refurbishing and expanding one of their ICT suites and setting up a new one, AB Tutor enabled the school to standardise their classroom management software across the whole school, at a fraction of the costs of implementing their previous software supplier in the two suites.

Better concentration, teaching efficiency and lesson pace

Stroud High School has found that AB Tutor Control enables them to maintain student focus and concentration, and discipline has improved as students know their activity can be monitored and action taken swiftly to get them back on track.

Teachers have found that by minimising student distractions, it has helped ensure lessons move at a fluid and better pace.

The students prefer to have a point demonstrated on their individual monitors rather than having to turn to a whiteboard. This has improved teaching efficiency and student learning.

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