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Features & benefits

Discover why AB Tutor has become the software tool of choice for teachers, students, and educational institutions.

Key features

Engaged Students

Keeps students engaged

Digital learning has been amazingly beneficial for students. Still, it comes with pitfalls, too, when students get distracted by what’s on another browser window and who is posting on social media. AB Tutor enables teachers to see/control student screens, bring them back on track and keep them engaged.

Demo & Share

Demo and share

Use AB Tutor to broadcast teacher screen to students with audio; show static screens to students; show a student’s screen to others; add and remove students to demo and exhibit; select a screen area to broadcast; and switch between student demos.



Communication is simple with AB Tutor with the ability to broadcast text and audio messages, secure central log of all chats, one-to-one and one-to-many text and audio chats, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Computer Watch

Computer watch

AB Tutor includes real-time remote screen watch. The ability to monitor and log student activity (applications, websites, printing and keystrokes). Take time and name-stamped snapshots of student activity. Multiple tutors can also monitor screens and groups simultaneously.

Remote Control

Remote control

Control the screens that your students are looking at. With AB Tutor you can lock remote screens and keyboards, take over the remote mouse and keyboard, share control of applications with students, automatically launch websites or open files remotely, and randomly select students to display work.

File Management

File management

Keep yourself and your students organised with remote one-to-one file management, distribution and/or collection of files from students. AB Tutor also includes optional compression during file transfer.

Question Polling & Feedback

Question polling and instant feedback

Interact with your students and check their level of understanding with question polling. With AB Tutor, you can create and distribute single question polls to remote computers and collect results of polls in real-time.

App Control

App control

Control the apps that your students are running. Limit, close or block certain apps, and launch apps remotely.



Use it to block ports and prevent unscrupulous Internet activity, limit web browsing to specific sites, black-list specific sites, filter by URL with wildcard, and get notifications when students visit certain sites. AB Tutor also stores all logs centrally and gives teachers notifications of violations.

Choose AB Tutor because:

Benefit - Easy to use

Easy to use

Customers come back to us year-after-year because AB Tutor is simple to use, easy to install and intuitive. You want to spend your time educating the students, not figuring out how a system works.

Benefit - Cost effective

Cost effective

Affordability and value for money has been a key driver at AB Tutor. With a passion to provide pricing to fit within tight educational budgets, we offer a fixed annual subscription for one, three or five years. This is based on student numbers, not teachers.

Benefit - Latest upgrade

Latest upgrades at no extra cost

Money is scarce within education, and no-one likes additional surprises added to a budget. For this reason, there’s no hidden costs with AB Tutor. For customers signing up to the Server or Cloud versions, everything is included in your subscription: upgrades, installation, support.

Benefit - Energy saving

Energy saving

With energy becoming more expensive and the planet in need of care and attention, AB Tutor includes a feature enabling all PCs to be shut-down at a set-time with the click of a button. This helps with school energy saving policies.

Benefit - User community

AB Community

AB Tutor is teacher-shaped software. We continually improve the product with input and support from our daily user, the AB… Community. This ensures we get developments and updates just right.

Benefit - Support

Support with a human touch

AB is committed to offering fast, clear, professional and friendly support to all our customers. Not only do we provide access to a knowledge base and user guides, but we’re also on the end of the phone if you want to talk to a person and not an automated message.

Benefit - Latest upgrade

Online videos, hints and tips

To make the most of AB Tutor, we’ve published some useful online videos, hints and tips. Take a look!