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Welcome to the feature suggestion area of our website.

This section allows existing customers to help steer the development of AB Tutor by suggesting and commenting on features, allowing us to get them just right.

When you vote on a suggestion it moves it further up the list. If you see a suggestion you agree or disagree with why not vote or leave a comment to say what you think

To ensure the quality of feedback we get, suggestions and comments are restricted to exising licence holders and users who are currently trialling or have trialled AB Tutor in the past. To get yourself started with a trial please Register or Login if you already have an account.

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Under Consideration 9

We are considering these suggestions for inclusion. Vote on these issues if you would like to see them in the software.

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Community Feedback 27

We would like more feed back from the community on these suggestions. We welcome both positive and negative feedback.

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Accepted 10

We have added these suggestions to our internal roadmap and it will be included in a future version of AB Tutor.

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In Development 0

These suggestions have passed through the process and are being actively developed for a future version of AB Tutor

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Released 69

This suggestion has made it all the way from idea to release.

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Feature Already Exists 14

This feature already exists in the software. Lookout for the Staff comment letting you know where it is.

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The suggestion has been declined. This can happen for a number of reasons including negative community feedback.

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Wondering what the statuses mean? See the Statuses Explained page for more info.