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Version 9 Released

Brand new central server model

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Central Server
  • Active directory integration with scheduled synchronisation
  • Central storage of all event logs, violations, screenshots and video
  • Default policies applied to all clients
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Encouraging an eco-friendly classroom

AB Tutor - Classroom Management Software

Computers in the classroom have created amazing opportunities for learning, but they can also create distractions. The Web, social media, email and games, just to name a few, are a constant temptation for even the most focused students

AB Tutor is the perfect classroom management software tool, allowing teachers to teach in networked classrooms and labs. AB Tutor can increase productivity by allowing you to control, manage, safeguard, demonstrate, support and collaborate with your students.

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Leadership Team

Use AB Tutor to save on energy and therefore costs. Meet your safeguarding needs by being able to monitor and control access to the internet, applications and electronic communications in your school.

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AB Tutor allows your students to use technology for their learning, safely. Manage all your classroom PCs and MACS from one central console giving you confidence in what is happening around the room.

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IT Department

Use AB Tutor centrally to oversee the PCs and MACS within your school. Push out centrally controlled policies with black or white listed websites and applications with a powerful scheduler allowing down to the minute timings.

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AB Tutor contains many classroom management tools such as PC management, assessment modules, remote control, violation alarms and monitoring, remote administration tools.

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