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Time to update your schools IT equipment

Many teachers face problems in the classroom, and therefore cannot effectively achieve their goal of improving their student’s abilities. The main problem they come across is technology, which has outstanding benefits that cannot be ignored. Here are some changes you can make with your IT equipment to ameliorate your teaching and its end goal, and what you can do to maintain them.

With technology developing, a broad range of apps and websites continue to appear. One of the most important aspects it covers is education. You’ll find tons of apps that guarantee you and your student a better experience in the classroom. However, the tricky bit is choosing which one.

Sometimes, teachers are misled with complicated, redundant apps when there are more purposeful ones that help distribute your goals and expectations. It’s essential to have your choice of tool directed by the student’s needs. Ignoring the student’s needs will make the IT change completely useless, as it’ll waste your time, and maybe money.

Another aspect that needs to be considered is the usability of the software. Usability includes the elements of user experience, along with the ease at which the students can learn and develop their understanding. A product with good usability is more likely to help the students succeed in the classroom. Whether the tool is easy to use for students with disabilities is another aspect that’s fundamental to be considered. Does the tool have features that help users with auditory, visual, cognitive or motor disabilities?

At AB Tutor, we provide cost-effective, easy-to-use software that will enhance your students learning experience. Features such as seeing the applications your student has running will help you to see if they are staying on topic. Another feature is our relatively new traffic light feedback feature, which provides the students with a traffic light, where they select a colour that symbolises their understanding of the lesson. These are just a couple of examples to show you what a more up-to-date app looks like, as the aspect is important when it comes down to your student’s success

Having old, low-quality hardware can seriously have an effect on students. I’m sure there are many teachers and students that are tired of the classroom’s technology repeatedly breaking. Investing in high-quality, durable technology can allow for a smoother and overall better learning experience for the student, and that on its own should immediately have you engaged. It contains a vast range of benefits, such as improving collaboration, creativity, and productivity, and who wouldn’t want a collaborative, creative, and productive set of students?

Although the cost of some of these new pieces of technology equipment can be high, the return is immense, and the effect it has on the students should be taken into consideration when looking for new equipment. A few examples of these hardware changes could be investing in larger monitors, higher quality projectors, laptops or computers.

As teachers, we should at any point, try to improve our student’s learning experience, and maintaining some of these changes will do exactly that.

"AB Tutor is a product with great functionality that does exactly what you want it to do. Easy to use, it has become an invaluable tool for use within our school. The ability to switch on and log on all the PC's in a suite and connect them to an application or website prior to the lesson means the whole lesson can be spent learning. This has been a real hit with the teaching staff."

Craig Williams, Sandy Lane Primary School - read more