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Our Ethical Policy

Our Vision, quite simply, is to give education professionals a realistically priced software tool to make their networked classrooms really work for teaching and learning.

In doing so, our management team is committed to ensuring the company retains a set of core values and approaches to the process of doing business. The protection of these is of fundamental importance.

We are committed to:

We set out here the principles which underlie all that we do and the key commitments that we make to our customers.

Purpose and Values of the Business

Our purpose, like that of any business, is to make a financial gain. We do believe however, that in fulfilling this, we need to maintain awareness of the social and environmental implications of the work we do.

Therefore, with a social agenda firmly at the heart of our business, our central commitment is to continue to offer AB Tutor Control with a realistic pricing structure to ensure it is within the budget of as wide a range of schools as possible. We will always explicitly balance this objective against competing financial imperatives.

Customer Relations

We are committed to:


We are committed to:


Our environment is important to us and our future generations and we and our employees have a role to play in care of the environment. We, as a company, will take positive action to protect the environment.

In implementing our policy we will seek to ensure:


Everyone working for AB Consulting will receive a copy, either electronically or on paper, of our Code of Conduct and Ethical Policy. It will be part of a new employee's information package and it will be available on our corporate website and intranet.

We take a view that if AB Consulting looks after its staff, then the staff will look after the customers. In order to enhance the motivation and self-esteem of employees, we will provide effective management and guidance, maintain necessary workplace discipline and foster a vital workplace climate.