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Knowledge Base

1. How do I decide on the number of licences I require?
2. Do your prices include shipping charges?
3. Do you charge for support, annual maintenance and upgrades?
4. Can a school order licences using a purchase order?
5. If we were to upgrade to 10 licences from 6 would we still qualify for the 10+ price?
6. Can a company buy ten licences at the 10+ rate and resell them singly at the single licence rate?
7. I am an Australian client - do I need to add GST to the cost of the licences?
8. I am an EC Customer but outside the UK - will I be charged VAT or tax
9. Are existing licences taken into consideration with further purchases
10. Is AB Tutor freeware/shareware?
11. My school purchase AB Tutor licences through a reseller. Do we have to pay for upgrades
12. Where can I find a list of Authorised AB Tutor Resellers