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The Importance of Making Lessons Fun



The Importance of Making Lessons Fun


Many teachers believe that learning and having fun are conflicting ideas within the classroom. Although too much fun can impact the academic development of children, overloading the students with content is just as damaging. Finding the balance between the two leaves you with a functioning and ready to learn group of students. Making education fun can give the students a passion to learn. To keep them engaged, maintaining variety is important when considering ideas.  Find ways in which you can incorporate this below.


Incorporating Games

Games are a great way to bring instant engagement and enthusiasm to your lessons. They simply make learning more fun, and can be used in multiple ways to benefit the group. Combining both the content and small, exciting games can immediately attract each student’s engagement. This way, work gets done in a more careful and enthusiastic manner. Adding little games which aren’t exactly relevant to the lesson is also quite important, as it gives the students a break from the lesson. Bonding with your students in this way is effective in creating a healthy atmosphere within the classroom.


Foster Creativity

With having new groups of students, there is a lot more variation, and more variation brings a wider range of creativity. Encouraging creativity is one of the best ways to ensure that learning stays fun and exciting, and again, there is a vast pool of different techniques we can do to introduce creativity. So be creative yourself and lay these out to your students. Here are some ideas if you get stuck.


·       Give students freedom in their assignments and homework. As long as you give them the green light in their adjustments, let their creativity run wild!

·       Hold class discussions. Some kids best display their creativity when speaking on a topic they are passionate about.

·       Give problem solving tasks. Whether this is in groups, or just individual work, students can find their way around a task through being innovative.


Some students may feel an absence of freedom in lessons, and feel as if they don’t have a say. This restricts their creativity, therefore making lessons less fun, ultimately having an impact on their progress.


Include Technology

In today’s world, technology is a staple form of learning and leisure. Since your kids experience large numbers of streams, and software, why not use is to our advantage in the classroom? Using it as a tool will making learning more fun, familiar and convenient. One of the best ways to address some of your pupil’s educational needs is through technology. Invest in tablets or IPads with engaging and educational apps for your classroom. Use it to play an educational video to your class. There are endless options, which is what makes it so effective. Additionally, incorporating technology into the classroom can give students the skills they need in the working world. Most jobs utilise technology in some capacity, therefore students should be prepared.


Although it can be challenging, making learning enjoyable and engaging is undoubtedly rewarding when you manage it. Students are more likely to follow along and remember what they learn when lessons are more engaging. You also end up enjoying class more and it’s nice to see the effects your efforts are having on the students, as they become more involved. Therefore, everybody benefits from this!