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AB Tutor 7.1.3 released

Version 7.1.3 as of September 2012
  • Fixed a bug that caused random a connection loss errors.
  • Fixed a bug that caused grey screens when trying to 'Watch' a remote machine.
Version 7.1.2 as of September 2012
  • Fixed a bug where Permanent Policy active times of day would be lost
  • Fixed a bug with the Web Logging/Blocking policy failing with some larger file transfers
  • AB Tutor now allows for individual Username/Passwords when connecting to proxy servers for License activation. Previously a common Username/password was required and stored in the settings file.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Tutor program from updating the remote clients (Win 7/Vista) when a user is logged on. If you get an error saying "Unable to write to file 'C:\Program Files\AB Tutor\ABClient.ex_'", then log the user off then update again.
  • The group names and group members (under 'Groups - 'Manage Groups') are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed a bug while collecting/Sending file(s) using %MYDOCUMENTS%, %MYDESKTOP%
  • Fixed a but with using Groups containing User names.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys not to work after a Screen Lock on Windows XP machines
  • Fixed a bug for proper release of USB drives after the 'Block USB Drives' policy is removed
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the 'Discovery' from working when no groups have been created
Version 7.1.1 as of September 2012
  • Added new menu item to Hide/Show the Status window when in List view mode. Right-click the mouse outside the grid and select 'Hide/Show Status Window' to toggle it's visibility.
  • Fixed a bug when adding an IP address range under 'Tools' - 'Settings' - 'Network'. The start and end IP address boxes were not visible!
  • Fixed a bug with the Key sequence manager not sending none visible key strokes
  • Fixed a bug when the Active Directory feature under Group Manager. Folders with a space in its name would not expand!
  • The File transfer dialog box now shows hidden files/folders for both the local system and the remote.
  • The -g command line parameter for selecting a group now works for Administrators as well as for Tutors. (Tutor program only)