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AB Tutor v7.1.5 released

The following fixes and features have been added with v7.1.5.  This can be downloaded from your account.


Version 7.1.5 as of October 2012


Fixed problems with proxy servers that authenticate using NTLM


Version 7.1.4 as of October 2012


Added the feature to 'Uninstall' the remote client software. See 'Tools' - 'Client Maintenance' - 'Uninstall' tab

Fixed various problems when connection to Terminal Server sessions

Fixed a problem on Windows that meant that remotely launch applications did not run under the logged on users account.

Added back the -t command line option to not prompt Tutors for 'empty' startup passwords.

Added the user details and time stamp to video capture files.

Fixed a bug with the Chat dialog showing more connections than in the selected group

Fixed a bug that caused 'Group Policies' to be applied to machines outside their group.

Added IPv6 support

IPv6 address ranges can be added under 'Tools' - 'Setting' - 'Network' (Add range in format: - e.g fe80::f8ff:fe21:67af - fe80::f8ff:fe21:67ff)