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AB Tutor v9

AB Tutor version 9 introduces a Central Server, allowing new features and improved connectivity as well as further improvements to the Tutor Console

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V9 Site Licence

The v9 site licence offers terrific value for money. The site licence allows you to run as many Tutor Consoles simultaneously as required. If in the future, you want to add more classrooms or the school becomes bigger, the site licence will cover your requirements at no extra cost.

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AB Tutor Subscription

AB Tutor licensed per concurrent user as with our perpetual licence but at an annual cost and with the added benefit of free upgrades during the active life of the subscription.

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AB Tutor Site Subscription

As with a site licence, the site licence subscription allows you to run as many tutor programs as required but gives you the option of an annual cost which includes version upgrades while the subscription is active.

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Did you know that licences are only needed for the Tutor?

Upgrade Policy

All interim release updates are included within the licence cost, ie v9.5 to v9.6.

There is, however, an upgrade cost between versions, ie v8 to v9. You are also able to upgrade between two versions, ie v7 to v9. The costs for these can be found under 'Buy Licences' within your account.

For more information, please see the end user licence agreement.


We will continue with our policy of free support, but it will only extend to the current and previous version of the software. AB Tutor reserves the right to cease supporting the software should it produce no major new versions of AB Tutor in a period of 3 years.

Our update and support policies are subject to periodic review and AB Tutor reserves the right to change these in future versions.