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The following screen shots give you an insight into some of the features of AB Tutor and how the program looks.
Click on any of the pictures to see an enlarged version of the image.

The Main Tutor Window

Tutor Window
AB Tutor version 9 keeps the most commonly used features together for easy access, allowing groups, devices, users, policies, actions and events to be easily managed.

Web Interface

Web Interface
AB version 9 comes with a web interface to manage the Central Server, allowing central configuration as well as approving clients and users.


Add extra layers of security by only allowing access to listed users.

Log File Viewer

Console Events
This allows you to browse the event logs to investigate historical usage of the clients. It comes with filters to allow easy searching by date, user, event type etc.


Console Thumbnail
Devices and users can also be shown as thumbnails, giving an easy overview of multiple remote clients.

File Transfer

File Transfer
Files can be copied to or from multiple clients simultaneously, or an individual client's filesystem can be browsed freely.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing
When in watch mode select functions to apply to remote workstation from sharing keyboard and mouse, to lock out.


Console Thumbnail
Restrictions and rules can be applied, based on schedules or who is using the client computer.